a photograph of the pacific ocean from under the water looking at the surface

The Deeper Meaning of “Aloha”

DustinWong News

Aloha is a special Hawaiian word that has many meanings. “Love” is the commonly used meaning, a love of companionship, compassion, friendship, and respect. It can be used as a salutation, goodbye, and also means “thanks”. But a deeper meaning of the word is “the essence of life”. Aloha is being part of all, and all being part of me.

The natural beauty, lushness, and isolation of the Hawaiian islands fosters this understanding. In fact one could say it is the core of a rich Hawaiian culture. Human interactions and relationships are valued and everybody is connected and dependent on, not only one another, but also the land, sky and sea. It is in this open and caring environment that the spirit of Aloha thrives. To feel that first hand is a beautiful thing. So I mean this with all my heart, “Live Aloha.”


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