Instruction: The Learning Center

This page is dedicated to teaching everything related to photography. Including operating a camera, navigating camera controls & settings, shooting techniques, using a tripod, long exposure, composition, post processing workflow (Lightroom, Photoshop), gear selection, packing, traveling, planning, etc.

Create Stunning Images

Long exposure photo of Mossbrae Falls waterfall and river. Wall of ferns and other lush plants with water seeping out.
If you have a passion for photography and want to learn more about your art & craft then I would like to be a part in that! I will be posting to this page digital editing tutorials, camera tips and tricks, and whatever else I think of. If you have a specific topic you would like me to cover, please shoot me a message and let me know!

Workshops: The Ultimate Learning Experience

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There is no doubt that the fastest way to improve your photography craft is to take a workshop. The experience will provide you with access to a knowledgeable instructor who is able to teach you at whatever level you are currently at. The immersive experience of being in beautiful photogenic locations, engaging with photography 24/7 can really solidify those lessons.

My goal is for my students to leave with a strong understanding of the current trends of photographic techniques, to develop their own personal approach to composition, and of course have a blast experiencing the outdoors taking amazing pictures.
I welcome you to join me for a wonderful photographic learning experience.

Free Training Videos

If you are ready to start doing post processing on your images then I suggest you take a look my Introduction to Lightroom Video Tutorial where I walk through the program and show you how to get started using the program and making some powerful edits to your images.

Post-Processing Training

The full potential of a digital image can only be brought out in the digital darkroom–aka post-processing. While playing around with software can improve your photos, learning directly from a professional is one of the best uses of your time and resources. After my first training session with a professional I was wondering why I hadn’t done one sooner.

I offer post-processing instruction online via Skype or Google Hangout at a rate of $70/hr. I can share my computer screen with you online and provide detailed instruction on whatever topics you desire. I can walk through processing one of my shots (or yours) from start to finish, and discuss the methods used and how they can be applied to your own work.

I can cover in-depth, the following topics: basic image processing workflow, focus blending, exposure blending, stitching panoramas, making adjustments using luminosity masks, dodging and burning, adding glow effects, color management, noise reduction, sharpening for web or print, file management, etc. Just about everything you need to turn your images into wonderful art.

I recommend a two hour session which is generally enough time to go over a substantial amount of information. Longer than that fatigue can set in and learning becomes less effective. If you have a specific topic you would like to explore, one hour should be enough. I have the ability to record the training session and will send you a digital copy for your personal use. This is a great reference tool for you have while you continue to apply the lessons learned.

Lightroom is a great powerful tool that I have extensive experience with. I use it to prep each shot and to manage all my files, however Photoshop is the program where a lot of the magic happens. If you are looking for Lightroom only training keep in mind that many of the advanced techniques will not be available. Also check my Free Introduction to Lightroom Tutorial.

Book a Session Today

No payment is necessary at this time. Once the session time is confirmed I will send you a paypal invoice.

One-on-One In-Field Instruction

An efficient way of learning involves being able to directly apply new lessons and technique. I offer one-on-one workshops for $325/day (for two or more people the rate is $250/day per person), that includes either a sunrise and sunset shoot, or a sunset and night sky shoot. We will meet on location and you will receive shooting instruction specifically tailored to your level and your ambitions as an photographer. While we wait for good light, I will go over post processing techniques similar to the online sessions above.

Field topics that I am able to cover in-depth:
-What makes a good composition
-Achieving tack sharp focus
-Focus stacking
-Bracketing for HDR and exposure blending
-Applications of digital blending
-Long exposure for motion blur (water, clouds, etc)
-Polarizing and neutral density filters
-Camera-Live view
-Creating Panorama images
-Night sky shooting (stars, moon, milky way)

Being on location with you is the best way for me to share knowledge about how to scout a location for ideal compositions and my approach to shooting. I can also go over planning tips that you can use to plan your next photography trip

Shooting days are quite flexible and can sometimes be arranged last minute when conditions are looking good. I’m based out of Seattle, and with some advanced notice I can make arrangements to meet within a couple hours of here (Due to travel costs, an additional fee will apply if the driving distance is more than 3 hours from me).

Some great locations to do this training are Mount Baker National Forest, Mount Rainer National Park, Mount St. Helens, Olympic National Park, The Palouse, and The Columbia River Gorge. Please contact me with questions or to book a session!