a photograph of the night sky and palm trees taken on the island of oahu, hawaii

A Starry Night in Paradise

DustinWong Travel

O’ahu, Hawaii
This was taken on the last night of my trip to Hawaii this year. A perfect clear, crisp night with fast moving clouds. I had a chance on the last night of a 3 week vacation on O’ahu to reflect. It had been a wonderful time back on the island, very different than past trips. Instead of running my entire schedule on when and where was the best surf, I let things unfold naturally. Friends would free up and we would go on a hike or do a yoga photoshoot in the forest. 

This time I had met new people when I least expected it, and over the course of 3 weeks some of them become good friends. It’s funny how that works. Having let go of my expectations of the trip I became more open to meeting new people (as well as nurturing and strengthening existing relationships) and to explore new experiences. That was the beauty in this journey–I began to live a traveling lifestyle, where great friends come into one’s life even for a moment and things happen spontaneously. By discovering new sub-cultures on the island that had previously remained hidden, my perspective of what my “home” in Hawaii was had changed. 
I’m very happy about that. 

It is this capture that reminds me that I will always feel the call to go “home” and it will always be there for me when I do. What does it look like to you?