a photograph of the night sky and milky way galaxy at mesa arch in canyonlands, utah

A Fixture in the Night

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Canyonlands National Park – Islands in the Sky 

A Fixture in the Night
Mesa Arch & the Milky Way 

Here is the heavily photographed Mesa Arch shot with light painting. I met up with a fun couple to go here at night and there was only one other photographer out. The sunrise here is absolute chaos with about 40+ people lined up to take basically the same shot. 

I tried a vertical composition here to get the milky way and the arch in a more pleasing composition. What you can’t see here at night is that this amazing arch sits on the edge of a cliff with a several hundred feet drop into a canyon below. 

Seeing these places at night is like going to a whole new site. It’s a great place to make something new and refreshing. 

Thanks for viewing!
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