a photograph of the night sky and milky way galaxy over a mountain

Into the Night

DustinWong Timelapse/Video, Travel

Buttermilk Road
Near Bishop, CA 

While I was stopped off the highway just outside of Bishop, CA shooting a mountain scene, another car pulled up behind me to admire the view. We started chatting and he told me about highway 168 that goes to Lake Sabrina and Buttermilk Road that has some excellent rock climbing spots and views of Mt Emerson. I thought it would be a great place to spend the night. 

Here is a sequence that I put together from my camp spot off Buttermilk Road (Watch in HD). 

Timelapse photography is the process of shooting a series of still images taken at regular intervals, and composing a video sequence. This has the effect of watching a scene unfold in “fast forward.” This technique is amazing at revealing the wonder of the universe and the cosmic dance we are all a part of. 

The video was edited in Adobe Lightroom 5 and LR Timelapse which is a fantastic timelapse program. It was created by Gunther Wegner, a German photographer/software programmer, who understands the challenges of creating flicker free timelapse sequences and capturing “The Holy Grail” shot, which is shooting the transition from day to night, or night to day. For anybody serious about timelapse, I highly recommend this program. 

Morning View
Here is a bonus shot of my campsite in the morning. Since I arrived on a cloudy evening I had no idea these mountains were there. It was a special treat to wake up to these snow-capped mountains. 

Snow-capped Mountains off Buttermilk Road 
If you are interested in seeing more timelapse footage this video I put together last year features some great timelapse sequences