a photograph of people climbing the art sculpture Luz taken at burning man 2014 black rock city nevada

Bringing Luz to Burning Man

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Luz = Light (in spanish) 

Burning Man, the week long art festival in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada explores the limits of the human imagination. People who attend, or “Burners,” must bring everything one needs to survive (including water) and then pack everything out. Radical Self-Reliance & Leave No Trace are two of the festival’s ten principles . Besides building fully equipped 10,000W+ sound stages and throwing massive dance parties in the desert, Burners also bring art projects to install around camps and out in the open playa. Burners are free to wander the expanse either by foot, bicycle or art car, enjoying incredible art that is spread throughout the open playa. 

I was lucky enough to camp with a team of architects from Red Deer (UK) who designed and built this impressive pyramid structure on the playa near 6:00 in between Center Camp and the Man. At night LED lighting cycles through changing mosaics, illuminating the sturdy, transparent, acrylic structure. The design supported climbing burners all week long and it seemed that there was always a constant presence of people enjoying the art piece. A sound system consisting of 3 speakers placed at the base of each side focused an impressive, dialed-in, sonic field in the center of the pyramid. Carefully selected electronic music filled the space at night and many were seen joyfully dancing inside the structure. 

If you have questions about the art piece you can email the designers here: Lionel@RedDeer.co.uk 

Luz - Burning Man 2014 

Luz @ Burning Man 2014